Teams – Intermediate

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What is the Teams – Intermediate online test?

The Teams – Intermediate online test assesses candidates’ skills for regular use of the virtual communications application. Questions measure their ability to set up and personalize the tool, create conversations (written or video) and share information via work teams and channels.

Dimensions assessed in the test

General knowledge of Teams


Instantly provide the position of the person being assessed in relation to their mastery of the intermediate functions of the Teams application


  • Selection or preselection
  • Professional development

Target clientele

Positions requiring regular use of the Teams application


  • Complete autonomy on Interpreto’s user-friendly platform for test administration and report management
  • Report generated instantly, as soon as the candidate completes the test
  • In addition to providing the overall result, the results report allows you to identify the score awarded to each question passed, as well as the time spent by the candidate on each of the test questions


20 intermediate level multiple-choice questions and practical exercises in the Teams environment


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