Thanks to Interpreto, don’t lose your candidates in long recruitment processes anymore!

Our 100% virtual platform allows you to autonomously send targeted psychometric tests, selected in advance by our professionals and adapted to each of your positions!

Choose a quick and easy solution, and instantly receive reports from your online tests and automated assessments to help you in the choice of your resources.

The platform that will change the way you recruit.

What is Interpreto?

100% virtual process, instant reports
A unique platform that brings together all the information on your candidates
Access to our team of psychometric experts for interpretation assistance
Full autonomy in the administration of your online tests and automated assessments

The benefits of Interpreto

  • Easy to use
  • Quick assistance in case of need
  • Secure and confidential platform
  • No monthly fees, pay-per-use billing
  • Online training available for your users

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01 Interpreto and brh

The Interpreto platform was entirely developed by our team of psychometric experts.
Our psychologists and career counselors have developed the algorithm to generate the online test and automated assessments reports, and to analyze the results quickly and accurately.
Our IT team has designed the platform so that recruitment professionals can navigate it independently and easily to administer and receive the results of psychometric tests. 

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02 Our partners

Serving leading organizations operating in various sectors, from manufacturing to public and service organizations to non-profits, Interpreto facilitates the hiring process for its partners.

  • Education sector
  • Municipal sector
  • Consulting (accounting firms, etc.)
  • Wood industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Federal and provincial public service


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