Mastery of the various aspects of oral and written expression in English is possible thanks to our online tests using state-of-the-art technology.

Our English tests assess the candidate’s level of proficiency in written and/or spoken English, based on the four essential skills: reading, writing, understanding and speaking.

The ability to communicate effectively in writing is measured by a variety of exercises and questions aimed at writing texts and structuring sentences. The ability to understand and express oneself orally is assessed through six categories of exercises, particularly suitable in the case of candidates for whom English is not their first language.

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Interpreto offers a wide range of online tests to assess a range of skills in your candidates and employees. From in-baskets to cognitive, professional personality and workplace health and safety tests to the Office Suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and situational judgement and values tests, our online tests accurately highlight the talents and facets of each individual.

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3 tests
English language
65 $

English Speaking and Writing test – 4 essential skills

Proficiency in various aspects of spoken and written English
English language
55 $

English Speaking test

Proficiency in various aspects of spoken English
English language
55 $

English Writing test

Proficiency in various aspects of written English


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