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What is the TAM online test?  

The TAM is a psychometric test that provides a measure of mechanical reasoning, based on spatial skills and knowledge of key physical and mechanical principles. This online test provides a quick overview of the candidate’s ability to understand and apply various physical and mechanical principles in their daily work life.

* TAM ™ – Mechanical Aptitude Test – trademark of IRPCANADA – all rights reserved

Dimensions assessed in the test

  • Heat
  • Direction
  • Electricity
  • Gearing
  • Forces
  • Lever
  • Plane and velocity
  • Pulley
  • Volume


Provide instant insight into the assessed person’s profile in terms of their mechanical reasoning skills.


Selection or preselection

Target clientele

  • Ages: 16 years and older
  • Specialized trades


  • Complete autonomy on Interpreto’s user-friendly platform for online test administration and report management
  • Report generated instantly, as soon as the candidate completes the online test
  • Multiple detailed dimensions for a more nuanced view of the assessed person’s mechanical reasoning


68 multiple choice questions


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