Virtual job interviews

Virtual job interviews


The content of the virtual job interviews can be customized according to the recruitment needs, and also according to the results of the automated assessments previously done on Interpreto.


The targeted questions are displayed on the screen and the candidate answers them on video. It is also possible to allocate time for reading the questions and recording the candidate’s answers.


As soon as the virtual job interview is completed, its video recording is automatically sent to you by email.

The benefits of the virtual job interview


Expert Content

The virtual job interview questions are developed by our psychometric experts, based on previously obtained automated assessment reports.



It is possible to choose questions specific to your needs and reality, in addition to the questions based on the automated assessment reports.


Time saving

The automated and 100% virtual format of these interviews is perfectly suited to your busy schedule, since the process at this stage does not require your time or energy. You are therefore free to take care of your other mandates.



The video recording of the candidate’s answers to the predefined questions is instantly sent to you at the end of the virtual interview.


100% confidential

Our secure platform guarantees the confidentiality of the entire content of the virtual interview.


Ease of use

Interpreto is designed to maximize the instinctive use of its features. It is easy to access the virtual interviews for the candidate, the test administrator and the recruiter.


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